Parrotcare - Problem Solving

Persistent screeching
Bad temper
General bad behaviour

There are two main causes of a number of behavioural problems. In many cases both are present. Firstly your bird should be trained to understand that you are the boss and you are not going to cause it any harm. However all the best training in the world will come to nothing if your bird is calcium deficient.

Calcium deficiency is the most common nutritional problem in modern bird keeping. Some research indicates that up to 98% of pet parrots are getting less than the recommended levels of calcium in their diet. Because calcium is involved in nerve function deficient birds often show all sorts of nervous and behavioural signs. These include fear, aggression, screeching, biting and self mutilation.

The problem with supplementing calcium is that most forms are difficult for the bird to absorb. This is why Calcivet is such an important product for pets and breeders alike. Potentially deficient birds should be given Calcivet for five days a week for a month. At the end of this period it can be reduced to once or twice a week (twice recommended for greys and eclectuses).


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