Parrotcare - Problem Solving

Continous moult

Healthy well fed birds should moult quickly and with no stress. If moults are taking more than 4-6 weeks then the bird is struggling and is almost certainly not getting enough of certain key nutrients in the diet.

Over 70% of the bird's sulphur containing amino acids (SCAs) are present in the feathers. These are precisely the nutrients that are in short supply in seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Pet birds, because they get little excersise and so eat less than wild birds, often run short of SCAs during the moult. Supplementing the diet with Daily Essentials3 provides plenty of SCAs and a highly bio-available form of sulphur itself. Severe cases may do a little better with Feather-Up. Both products should be supplied daily in conjunction with Calcivet as calcium is also important for feather production.

Don't be alarmed if your bird sheds lots of feathers soon after adding these products to the diet. This is the natural response to the improved nutrition. They can't grow new feathers until the old ones have dropped out!


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