Parrotcare - Problem Solving

Poor health

Most birds get ill because they are malnourished. A lack of vitamins (particularly vitamin A) leads to poor cell wall structure leaving the cells vulnerable to attack by viruses, fungi and bacteria. Inadequate vitamin and mineral supplementation prevent the immune system from fighting back efficiently. We see a strong link between vitamin and calcium deficiency and infections.

Prevention is better than cure which is why the combination of Daily Essentials3 and Calcivet is recommended to maintain the birds in peak condition. Not only do these provide a comprehensive vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplementation but they give a background level of herbal immune support.

Sick birds will benefit from the extra supplementation of Guardian Angel and Flourish. Flourish boosts the herbal immune support and helps the digestive system to get back in balance. Guardian Angel provides energy (to fuel recovery), special support for the immune systems' rapid reaction force (the white blood cells), probiotics for digestive health and electrolytes to prevent/treat dehydration. A comprehensive vitamin and mineral supply also supports the recovery process. These products should be used in conjunction with Daily Essentials3 and Calcivet.


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