Parrotcare - Problem Solving

Self mutilation

There can be a number of causes of self mutilation from heavy metal poisoning to nutritional deficiencies. As usual the most common nutritional problem is calcium deficiency which is easily treated/prevented by appropriate supplementation with Calcivet.

The next most common problem is vitamin A deficiency. This vitamin is associated with healthy cell walls and membranes so deficiencies lead to skin irritation and hence mutilation of the painful area.

While proper supplementation with Daily Essentials3 will prevent the problem it may take a while to treat birds this way. The reason for this is the cells lining the gut are affected by vitamin A deficiency and their ability to absorb the vitamin is impaired. So chronic vitamin A deficiencies are best treated by injection which requires veterinary intervention. This should be supported with regular supplementation with Daily Essentials3 and Calcivet.

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