Parrotcare - Problem Solving

Feather Plucking

Most parrot owners who have a parrot with feather plucking problems find the condition extremely distressing not only for the bird but also for themselves. There is a feeling of guilt that somehow they are not providing there parrot with what he needs to maintain physical and metal health. Commitment to solving the problem by the owner is very important and even then it may be a long process. Once feather plucking has started it means the parrot has had a problem for much longer than the manifestation of the symptoms i.e. visual feather plucking.

I would like to quote from an recent article by an eminent Parrot Vet. "The single most significant medical cause of feather plucking in pet birds is an inadequate diet. A report showed that up to 90% of all sick birds taken to the vets were suffering from "primary nutritional deficiencies" This is a very poor reflection on our parrot nutrition, and is an issue which needs to be addressed." The parrot diet recommended by Parrotcare is based on 30 years experience of breeding and keeping pet birds with great success and where feather plucking has been eliminated. The products sold in the diets are used at Parrotcare [ We don't sell any product unless they are tried with success over a sustain period of time!]

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