Baby Advice - Cages

What is suitable accommodation for your new baby parrot?

You could say the cage should be as large as possible within the constraints of the household finances and the size of the room in which the cage is to be kept.

Jardine Parrot bred at ParrotcareThe design of cages is endless from huge ornate cages to dome cages, round cages, square cages. It is worth mentioning here that round cages are not suitable for parrots and may cause psychological problems and lack of orientation. When buying a cage think also of the distance between the bars as some small birds in large cages may push their head through the bars and become trapped. It is preferable if the cage opens at the top to allow the bird to climb on to a high perch. This will allow your bird a feeling of confidence and security and also a launch pad to fly from or return.

If the parrot you have purchased is a baby, you will find it beneficial to replace the perches that are normally sold in cages, which are a hard dowel and difficult for the claws to grip into square perches which have been serrated with a wood saw. Ensure that the perches initially are low in the cage and allow your pet to explore the cage before raising the perches up after a period of about a week.

Easy access to food is essential at this stage and additional feed pots would be beneficial. Remember you must ask the breeder or the pet shop what the bird's diet has been previously and to commence with stick closely to their instructions. After a few days once your parrot has established himself in the cage, it is then time to become more adventurous in regard to his diet.

It is also desirable to have a stand in another room in the house, for instance, if his cage is in the living room it is nice to have his stand in a conservatory or kitchen so that he can have his own space in both areas of the house. It will mean that he will naturally go to these places to feed, drink and rest.


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