Specialist Breeders of African Grey Babies

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Take the risk out of buying a pet parrot. With 27 years experience, Parrotcare have been breeding and hand rearing Parrot Babies we specialised in happy, healthy, stress free pet Parrots that make the perfect companion bird. Visit our parrot picture gallery to learn more about owning a Parrotcare Baby Parrot. We have pictures of African Grey Parrots, Galah Cockatoos, Senegals, Blue & Gold Macaws, Eclectus, Blue Fronted Amazons, Orange Winged Amazons, Hahns Macaws, and Umbrella and Goffins Cockatoos.

  • All Parrots are bred in a disease free Bio secure breeding sanctuary. The parrots are tended exclusively by my family and
  • All parrots are bred indoors to protect against wild bird
  • Parrotcare breed from British bred parents who produce British bred babies
  • Send for FREE CD of "Your Pet Parrot" "Breeding Parrots in
    Aviculture" and "Parrot incubation and Hand feeding" by John Wragg. These books contain over 10,000 words and images outlining PARROTCARE history and philosophy and will help you to choose a pet parrot.
  • Specialist in hand reared African Grey babies for over 27 years,
  • Cuddly tame
  • Door to door delivery
  • Birth certificate
  • Hand reared in a family environment
  • Full insurance
  • Full after care service
  • Free information booklet "Your Pet Parrot"
  • Parrot holiday home
  • Weaned onto a complete nutritional diet

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How to purchase a baby parrot from Parrotcare
All our baby parrots are cuddly tame and leave Parrotcare weaned onto a complete diet.

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*Baby grey Special offer*
Baby African grey, *African grey cage*, Food pack, Toys, Harness, Pet carrier, Perch and Parrotcare book as shown in picture below.

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