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Over the past 30 years Parrotcare have specialised in breeding and handrearing baby parrots.

"The most important consideration when handrearing and integrating baby parrots into a family environment is to ensure the closest contact with their human carrers at all stages of there upbringing.

We feed all our babies with a spoon to ensure it takes as long as possible to feed the chicks and thus obtain the closest contact. Male and female human feeder i.e.myself, son, his wife and my good lady take turns to handfeed ensuring variety of sexes and therefore acclimatising to both male and female carrers.

All babies spend lots of time in a family enviroment with other pets, TV and all other family activities going on around them, this ensures well adjusted babies who are stress free and make perfect pets.

Our baby parrots are checked for health by an experienced vetinary surgeon to ensure to ensure they are in perfect condition to go to their new home.

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