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The Parrotcare Book - invaluable for Parrot owners and breeders.


- Your pet parrot - Training your parrot provides a number of useful tips and training methods to ensure your parrot becomes a part of the family and not a problem. Behavioral therapy, toilet training, feather plucking do's and don'ts when purchasing a pet parrot are all included - Breeding parrots in aviculture - Tells you how your parrot was brought into the world and the care and attention needed to ensure we at Parrotcare produce only strong, fit and healthy baby parrots - Parrot incubation and hand feeding - Raising a baby parrot to become a perfect companion - the nursery - formulas and diets - baby parrot becoming at ease with other pets. The book contains dozens of practical colour pictures exclusive to parrotcare.

This information book contains my experiences over 42 years looking after and breeding parrots, over 10,000 words and pictures will hopefully help all parrot owners understand the needs of their parrot.

The Parrotcare Book "Parrots" contains three volumes:

Your Pet Parrot

This section covers purchasing a parrot, training your parrot and parrot behavioural theraby. Training your parrot provides a number of useful tips and training methods to ensure your parrot becomes a part of the family and not as in some cases a problem bird. Parrot behavioural therapy gives advice on how to tackle some of the problems which do arise as your parrot develops and ensures that you will be able to cope with changes in his personality. The text contains practical information from experiences at Parrotcare over the past 27 years.

Breeding Parrots in Aviculture

We have been breeding parrots since 1974, one of the first members of the UK Parrot Society having joined in 1973. During the past 27 years we have bred from Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Jardines parrots, Senegals, seven species of Lorys Conures, Eclectus, a large number of Australian parakeet species and various love birds. Breeding parrots in captivity is a booklet aimed at the novice and experienced parrot breeder alike. The text covers parrot compatibility and making up of breeding pairs, diet and accommodation.

Parrot Incubation Procedure and Hand Feeding

Our experience with artificial incubation of parrots eggs and hand reared chicks from day old have been numerous and we specialise in the sale of tame hand reared parrot babies. Incubation and hand rearing techniques is a booklet covering the type of problems that can be encountered using incubation and hand rearing techniques and will assist in setting up of an incubation and hand rearing room. Temperatures and humidity for both incubation and hand rearing. Advice on how to avoid pitfalls and improve chick survival rate. If the information contained in the booklet saves the life of one parrot chick then it will be worth its place in your bookshelf.

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