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Avian veterinarians and breeders have long understood that at least 90% of health problems they encounter in birds are directly related to poor nutrition. Feeding birds used to be a nutritional guessing game. PARROTCARE have selected a range of parrot foods to eliminate problems that can be caused by a deficiency in their diet. We have used a range of Kaytee and Pretty Bird products over the last 10 years and found them to be of the highest quality and the most palatable to our hand reared babies and breeding pairs.

Prices are cheaper if you buy in bulk. Parrot Breeders or keepers with large collections of Parrots, can e-mail us with specific requirements. We will quote a price cheaper than you are now paying ! ! ! ! !

From using products by Vetark and the Bird Care Company, PARROTCARE have improved the overall health and breeding potential of adult parrots and increased production of parent reared and hand fed babies. If the supplements are used as recommended by PARROTCARE, they can have a tremendous influence on the health and fitness of your pet parrot and subsequent improvement in breeding potential for older birds.

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